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23 Ton Boom Truck

Ideal for medium duty and lifts requiring a longer reach. Our 23 ton truck features a 5 point outrigger system allowing 360 degree radius of operation. This unit has a maximum height of 102 feet and is very versatile on those challenging job sites, with 20 feet of cargo deck we can bring your rooftops to your job site. With service like this, we’re your best pick!



  • Terex BT 4792
  • Boom:92’
  • Capacity 23 ton
  • Picking Capacity: 360
  • Outriggers: 5 point
  • Cargo Deck: 20′
  • 2 man basket available
  • Rigging and moon buggy

Additional Information

Moon buggies and rigging are supplied at no cost to our customers. We provide the driver/operator, and are fully licensed and insured.

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