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17 Ton Boom Truck

With our 17-ton boom truck, we have the ability to scale our operations based on your needs, from refrigeration units, to standard hoisting. The 17-ton has a 180-degree operating radius, a maximum height of 111 feet, with a 4 point outrigger system for stability. Even on a small job, we’re your best pick!



  • RO Stinger
  • Boom:70’
  • Jib: 24’ & 16’
  • Capacity 17 ton
  • Picking Capacity: 180
  • Outriggers: 4 point
  • Cargo Deck: 20′
  • Rigging and moon buggy

Additional Information

Moon buggies and rigging are supplied at no cost to our customers. We provide the driver/operator, and are fully licensed and insured.

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